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We save clients valuable time and money by proactively managing their IT services. In the past, you had to wait for a problem to occur before you could fix it. CCSI has the latest device Monitoring and management tools to foresee most network issues before they bring your business to a standstill.

The most critical component of every client’s network is their server infrastructure. This is where all critical data lives, and this is where our solution shines. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors your network, and any attached servers 24|7|365. At its most basic level, this service monitors for issues with RAID arrays, disk space, paging file issues, memory, and more. At a deeper level, it will check for active applications and services and apply policies to monitor those items going forward.

CCSI doesn’t stop at just your network. We also run agents on every desktop, laptop, and tablet in your organization to ensure everything’s running smooth. We have you and your team covered!

Ever wish someone could just swoop in and and make it work? We go the extra mile by installing a secure remote control agent on each computer, giving our engineers the ability to remotely support machines with or without end user interaction. In addition, the client can also share their desktop to work with a client or demo a service they provide.

In the past, critical network and software patches have been known to cause even more problems on your computers than they solved. Not anymore! At CCSI we first test our patches for approximately three weeks to determine if they’re safe and secure. Then, when deemed reliable, we strategically implement the patch for our clients to avoid costly downtime.

In addition to monitoring and managing your servers and desktops, many organizations have a need to monitor various other devices like printers, copiers, routers, and switches on their network. We remotely monitor popular SNMP, POSIX and ICMP devices for a range of variables and thresholds. Never worry about keeping everything working together again.

We also monitor for connectivity to any IP address, which can be used to monitor status of remote offices WAN and VPN connections. This is especially vital for any redundant Internet connections that you might not otherwise know about. If any gateway goes down, we’ll get an instant alert to get you back up and running.

Compare Service Plans

Managed Service Plans EssentialSelectPreferred
24|7|365 Network Monitoring Managed Services 2 ✔ ✔
Remote Access for Support Staff ✔ Managed Services 2 ✔
Patch Management Managed Services 2 Managed Services 2 ✔
Network Antivirus ✔ ✔ ✔
Web Content Filtering ✔ ✔ ✔
Annual Performance Evaluation ✔ ✔
Server Maintenance Quarterly Monthly
Performance Reports Quarterly Monthly
Remote Support Managed Services 2 ✔
Scheduled Onsite Support ✔

Solution Features

Managed IT Service Solutions

We provide organizations with 24|7|365 remote monitoring, patch management, critical updates, temp file removal, backup solutions, anti-virus protection, spyware, malware detection, and spam filtering. Your team can focus more on the strategic needs of your organization as opposed to the daily tasks required to keep your network environment stable.

  • lower-staff-overhead
    Lower staff overhead

    Having on-demand managed services resources provides higher quality, better-trained IT support at a lower cost to your organization.

  • Reduced-Costs
    Reduced expenses

    Through the standardization and control provided by managed services, your company can identify opportunities to reduce total fixed costs.

  • Increased-cost-predictability
    Increased cost predictability

    Environments that are managed and secured remotely can provide increased abilities to predict and manage IT costs more accurately and successfully.

  • great-IT-team
    Great team of IT Professionals

    For less than you could hire one person, you get a hole team of dedicated and skilled IT pros that work in collaboration to serve you at the highest level

  • documentsation-and-inventory-mgmt
    Documentation / Inventory Management

    We keep track of it all for you. From documenting processes to tracking inventory, we have you covered at every stage

  • centralized-mgmt
    Centralized Management

    We use the latest technology to proactively manage your network to head off any potential issue before it becomes a problem for you

  • 24_7-service
    24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring

    Your network never takes a day off. We don’t either. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing your network and systems are ready when you are

  • keep-focused
    Keep focused

    When you are focused on your network infrastructure, you aren’t able to concentrate your efforts on running the business. Let us handle it

“As the manager of a small, one-doctor, specialty veterinary practice I tend to wear multiple hats on a daily basis. Fortunately, computer and network management is rarely one of those hats. CCSI seamlessly fills that role for me. I receive prompt attention via remote access for my day-to-day troubleshooting, and detailed, thoughtful planning for all long-term and bigger projects. Especially during the relocation of our clinic, twice. Their impressive competence and foresight are unmatched!”


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Asked Questions

We have a few Managed Service Plans to meet the needs of your company. Our Preferred plan is an unlimited plan that allows your staff to call in as many times as they want. We have a Select plan that is more of a budget plan, were we would allocate a number of hours per month for your use. Should you exceed that budget, the hours would be billed out at the end of the month. If you go under your budget, then they would roll over to the following month.

Our Essential and Select Plans are on a month by month basis. Preferred plans are for 36 months.

Yes, we work with your internal IT staff and become an extension of your internal IT people. We have some really great tools that will help them become more effective. They can relax knowing that they can go on vacation while we keep an eye on their network.


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