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IT should just work!

You have better things to do. We leverage our available talent, making sure you can focus on running your business

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Fusing advanced technology and traditional service

Scott started Creative Computer Solutions Inc (CCSI) in October of 1998. He realized that small businesses had a huge problem. Technology is ever changing and hiring a team to manage it all is too costly. His vision was to take technologies and computer services that were engineered for large companies and apply them to make small businesses successful. We’ve seen technology evolve tremendously over time. What never changes is our commitment to serving our clients at the highest level.

Popular Solutions

Recover. Run. Protect.

Why we do it

To bring enterprise level tools to small business owners, so they can change the world.

Why we do it

How we do it

With 24/7 support, we are always watching out for your network

How we do it

What we do

We are always striving to be the best IT company our employees and clients have ever done business with

What we do


What our clients say

Our Mission

We provide modern technology solutions with a focus on traditional service so our clients feel supported and secure knowing their systems are going to work when they need them.

By anticipating the needs of our clients within the modern workforce and understanding the rapid pace of advancement in technology, we will serve as your guide so you can focus on your business, not your technology.

Our Vision

We aim to be the best IT company our employees and clients have ever done business with by taking technologies and computer services that were engineered for large enterprises and applying them to make small businesses successful.

Leveling the technological playing field for small business allows rapid growth and progress for our communities. CCSI and it’s team will always be proud to be an essential contributor to that progress.

Our Values

We feel strongly that every interaction, decision, and initiative at CCSI be rooted in the powerful core values it was founded under.

By staying true to our values, we are able to serve our clients, community, and employees at the highest level.

Those values are to:
Be Available. Share Knowledge. Engage Talent

Outreach By The Numbers


Best in class systems and reporting

Solid Security

Comprehensive multi-level solutions and testing

Solid Security
Thoughtful Design

Customized networks that fit your business

Thoughtful Design
Best Practices

Setting the industry standard for over 20 years

Best Practices
Centralized Dispatch

Client requests fulfilled quickly and accurately

Centralized Dispatch
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Your IT solutions should be just as amazing. IT should just work!